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Duration: 1Day

Charges: $225.00

This is a classroom training. You will learn how to analyze data using pivot tables, get very meaningful information and finally represent the data using charts. Pivot Tables will help you do the following –

  • Easily sort data by categories and sub-categories
  • Have interactive data analysis
  • Compare data in seconds
  • compresses large amount of data to a summary and much more

This training is offered Nairobi Kenya, Kampala Uganda, Kigali Rwanda, Dar Es Salaam Tanzania and Juba South Sudan.

Course Outline

  • Creating a PivotTable
  • Group PivotTable Data
  • Make the data source dynamic
  • Frequency Distribution with COUNT
  • Creating Pivot Charts
  • Renaming field names in a PivotTable
  • Creating Pivot Table Slicers
  • Using Pivot Table Slicers
  • Refreshing PivotTable Data Source
  • Adding a Calculated Field
  • Modifying or deleting a calculated field
  • Formatting PivotTables
  • Managing PivotTable field lists and buttons
  • Selecting and Clearing a PivotTable
  • Maintaining PivotTable Layouts and Formats
  • Slicers

 Training Requirements

  • Microsoft Excel 2016 Professional Pro
  • Windows based Laptop – Minimum RAM (2GB)
  • Minimum 1GHz clock speed
  • Internet connection
  • Screen Resolution 1280x800

 Training Methodology

  • Every delegate will be required to have a laptop with Microsoft 2016 professional pro (Activated) installed. There are some training aspects not available in Excel 2010 and the lower versions.
  • The training is practical and everyone shall be expected to practically participate.
  • Soft and hard copy training materials shall be provided.

 Feedback & Who Should Attend

  • All persons using Excel spreadsheets
  • All persons involved in the construction and use of financial models, including budgets, projections, evaluations, cash flows, projects, etc.
  • Delegates should be familiar with Microsoft Excel (though not necessarily expert in the use thereof, as any relevant Excel function pertinent to an exercise will be discussed prior to tackling the exercise).

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